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Futures Behavior Therapy Center

Occupational Therapy

Futures BTC offers occupational therapy assessments and individual sessions for children with fine and visual motor needs. These individualized programs utilize the ABA methodology to teach necessary skills.

A certified Occupational Therapist will help your child with a wide range of motor skills including pre-handwriting and hand writing skills, typing, dressing and activities for daily living. They will cover pre-vocational and vocational tasks while also working on skills related to upper-body strengthening, coordination, balance and feeding.

The goal of occupational therapy​ is to promote health, well-being and happiness by improving independence and participation in everyday life through engagement in meaningful activities (a.k.a. occupations).

The performance areas addressed by occupational therapists (OT’s) include:

● Education/School Work (e.g. attending in class, handwriting, managing classroom materials)
● Play and Leisure (e.g. playing at recess, engaging in extracurricular activities)
● Social Participation (e.g. making friends, getting along with others)
● Activities of Daily Living (ADLs- e.g. eating, dressing, hygiene)
● Instrumental ADLs – (e.g. preparing meals, shopping, managing money)
● Sleep & Rest (e.g. completing a bedtime routine, engaging in restful activities)
● Work (e.g. pre-work activities such as cleaning up after activities)

OT’s specialize in assessing and identifying personal and environmental factors as well as activity demands that promote and/or impede the child’s ability to participate in everyday activities.  Interventions include environmental and activity modifications, providing accommodations (e.g. visual schedules, alternative seating) and skill development (primarily addressed through play!).  Treatment builds on the child’s strengths and interests in order to motivate the child, while addressing the underlying barriers to participation in a fun and interactive way.